All you can eat shrimps at Sumô Med

For those who like shrimp and seafood restaurant  Sumô Med, in Brasilia, is a full plate.

Restaurante Sumô Med

Photo: Personal Archive.

Specialized in Mediterranean cuisine, the restaurant is decorated in a modern way, with multiple environments, and offer both a la carte and buffet.

Restaurante Sumô Med Restaurante Sumô Med Restaurante Sumô MedRestaurante Sumô Med Restaurante Sumô Med

Photo: Personal Archive.

Monday to Friday, there is the option of light buffet, with salads and appetizers, costing R$29, in addition to the complete buffet for R$ 59.

Restaurante Sumô MedRestaurante Sumô Med Restaurante Sumô Med

Photo: Personal Archive.

We decided to chose from the menu, and we had difficulty choosing between salads, pasta, risotto, lobster and shrimp. There were loads of options ..

We decided to split a salad and a pasta.

Salad Tropicale – a mix of leaves, mango and avocado, topped with shrimp, covered with mango Med cream  – is a light and very tasty option (R$ 28). But be warned: it is huge and there is no economy of shrimp.

Restaurante Sumô Med

Photo: Personal Archive.

For the main dish, Fettuccine Shrimp MED or, in other words, handmade fettuccine with special selected shrimp and cream cheese (R$ 38). Delicious!


Photo: Personal Archive.

Although the plates we chose are said to be for just one person, they easily serv feed two. And even with the voracious appetite of Fred, we left plenty of food…

We liked the restaurant so much that we came back the following week.

We tried the shrimp risotto with strawberries and champagne, which is also a great choice (R$ 39). The combination of strawberries flamed in champagne with shrimp is just wonderful!

Restaurante Sumô Med

Photo: Personal Archive.

We also tasted the Mexuê with Tomato Pilaf, a filet mignon with grilled vegetables in brown sauce served on a barbecue spit, accompanied by Greek style tomato pelati risotto  (R$ 52). We were surprised by the size of the dish. Huge! It was very tasty, but I’m biased: I prefer fish and seafood …

Restaurante Sumô Med

Photo: Personal Archive.

On this last experience, even though we were three people we still left plenty of food. The solution was to take the rest home (lol)

At night, it is possible to prove the Shrimp Sequence, priced at $ 32. But we have not experienced yet.

Address: 116 Sul, Bloco C, Asa Sul. There are valets in the restaurante.

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